Fire and Gas Systems

Key Concern:

Safeguarding offshore and onshore facilities from exposure to fire and gas.


Our Capabilities

1- Fire Suppression

We offer a robust range of services and technical engineering support across the broad spectrum of portable and fixed gaseous and water based suppression systems We provide engineering design and maintenance to meet the needs of any company, whether it is securing a new facility, retrofitting or testing existing provisions. We design, install, commission, retrofit maintain fixed and portable suppression systems Inert gas, deluge, FM 200 Sprinklers, R 102 galley system, water mist, Novec 1230 CAF foam.

Fire System


2- Fire Detection

We take care of the engineering, design, supply, install and maintain fire detection and alarm systems We service equipment we have supplied onsite as well as existing inventory in place We start and successfully complete our work with high level of industry standards We support system installations with maintenance contracts to ensure they remain functional in the event of a fire. fire detection system installation and maintenance for offshore oil and gas, marine and onshore Hamdana provide fire alarms, flames, smoke linear heat detection systems.


Fire Supression


3- Gas Detection

Much as every procedure is special, so is any chance of toxic gas exposure Providing fit for purpose gas detection equipment, plans, and training can help ensure your workers and premises are safe We design, inspect, repair and re calibrate the detection systems for fixed gas We supply single and multi gas detectors from a wide range of manufacturers as well as field devices for fixed fire and gas systems

We design, install, commission, retrofit, re calibrate, inspect and maintain fixed gas detection systems including Point gas detection, acoustic, wireless, portable gas detection, respiratory equipment.


Gas Detection


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